Brother LS14 Review

We just couldn’t wait to get our hands on this Brother LS14 Sewing Machine. We’ve been dying to try and get our hands on a budget sewing machine for a while and thought the Brother sewing machine was the perfect one to try out first.

Brother LS14 Review
This little sewing machine is great value for money if you're just starting out as a sewing enthusiast!
8.5 Total Score
Brilliant for beginners!

This little sewing machine is great value for money if you're just starting out as a sewing enthusiast!

Ease of use
Value for money
Comfort of use
User Rating: 4.05 (11 votes)
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What’s do you get in the Brother LS14 box?

Included in the box you get:

  • The sewing machine
  • A Zigzag foot
  • A Button hole foot
  • 4 Bobbins
  • A Needle set
  • Screwdriver
  • Foot Controller
  • A Tutorial DVD

We loved the tutorial DVD that came with this sewing machine. There’s nothing worse than having a really heavy sewing machine as it becomes a chore to get it out and put it away. The tutorial DVD that comes with the sewing machine is great as it tells you in really easy step by step instructions how to set up the machine and everything works, I found it much easier than reading the manual.

Getting started with the Brother LS14

Setting up the sewing machine was really hassle free, I found it very easy to wind the thread on the bobbin. All you do is place the thread spool onto the holder, thread the thread around the top of the machine as indicated by the various arrows, then place a bobbin onto the spinner and hit the pedal, and off you go.

Threading the sewing machine itself was really easy too. Most sewing machines I’ve used follow a very similar principle – just follow the arrows! If you do struggling then, I recommend consulting the DVD as it explains this in very easy steps.

What I love about Brother sewing machines

There is one thing I love about Brother sewing machines, and that’s how easy it is to place the bobbin into the machine. The bobbin is used for the bottom side stitches. You drop the bobbin into tray and follow the arrows with the thread- its all done!

There really is no messing around like other machines that I have used. I think its great that Brother has incorporated this into its entry level sewing machines, as it is one feature that I love on my main machine.

Brother LS14 arm

The Brother LS14 has 14 different stitch options which is more than enough for any beginner who just need a simple sewing machine for every day use.

If you’re looking for clean straight stitches then this is for you. If you’re just starting out with sewing then you want a foot peddle that is very responsive. The Brother LS14 doesn’t disappoint. Just a light touch of the peddle and you’re off. The machine maintains thread tension and you can set the tension to how you prefer it.

What I didn’t like about the Brother LS14

The only slight negatives I can find with the machine is that it doesn’t come with a thread helper (to help easily thread the needle), or extra wide table like my main machine has, however I would not expect these on an entry level model, and this shouldn’t deter anyone from buying one.

Brother LS14 Settings wheel

You can buy various extras for the Brother LS14 machine. Some of our favourites are a soft carry case, a quilting foot and various other different types of feet.

You may want to purchase some more bobbins as I like to load up my bobbins with colours beforehand so that I can get going on a project straight away.

Final thoughts about this review model of the Brother LS14

All in all I have been really impressed with this machine and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it anyone who is considering taking up sewing, or for someone who would like an everyday sewing machine.

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